In the aftermath of the events of D.U.T.Y chapter 2, Bosco is thrown back to his origins as a burglar in the notorious criminal group known as “Abagendajoro”, him and his acolytes are tasked to steal a highly valued item but their plan completely goes astray.

D.U.T.Y chapter 3 is the longest and most ambitious project that our company Reba Frame has ever undertaken, the storyline and spectacle in this piece is yet to be seen in the land of a thousand hills and beyond.
From the creative mind of director Serge Girishya you can expect nothing short of a well crafted film, with well designed action scenes and breathtaking cinematography. The cast has also outdone themselves on this one, with Yanick Lii Nshimirimana reprising his role as Bosco he truly did an amazing work with the character.
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